Raptor Kidz - Bloom UKG


Raptor Kidz - Companion for Enhanced Education (CEE) comprises a set of 25 books for the pre-primer level. Books are tailor made entities structured after a great deal of research and experts contribution. These books provide a holistic, age appropriate and an enjoyable learning experience.

Raptor kidz is a proactive and comprehensive pre-primary programme for millennium generation kids. It is an integrated teaching and learning module exclusively designed for the early years of child education, precisely from the age group between 2.5 to 5.5 years of age.

The Approach

Raptor Kidz books and software is a comprehensive package exclusively catering to the kindergarten teaching and learning community. SEED, BUD and BLOOM correspond to the three levels of early education, starting from pre-primary to senior KG.

It is a well-researched, early childhood pedagogy, coupled with expertise, that presents cross-curricular thematic concepts, engaging worksheets and activities providing the best learning experience in the early years.