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YEAH is a personalized learning module designed for 12th standard of Tamil Nadu state syllabus. YEAH kit is a pen drive based OFFLINE learning system, right at your home intended for effective learning and easy scoring, thus saving a lot of your time, energy and money.

  • Trendy Animated Content
  • Test Portal for Self Evaluation
  • Brain Training, Tricks and Tactics
  • Generate Unlimited Question Papers for Practice
  • Video Lectures Form Expert Faculty
  • Answer Key for All Questions
  • Personalized Content for JEE/AIPMT/NEET Preparation
  • Simplified Learning Content

YEAH's Approach

We have meticulously crafted YEAH, for 11th and 12th standard students, detaching them from the regular stressful routine and positioning them into a perfect self-learning environment.

WE have reinvented the Art of Learning by letting the students UNDERSTAND the concepts clearly in a short span of time. With YEAH, the difficult part of WHAT, WHEN and HOW to study is taken care of. We are certain that YOU will enjoy learning as never before.

The Modern ERA learning Methodology

Preparing for the 11th &12th standard is one of the toughest challenges that any student of today would face. With mounting academic and social stress, the student fails to enjoy the core aspect called "learning". If a student wonders, if there is a way to evade the stress associated with learning and still be able to unlock the quest of board exams? The answer is a big 'YES' from us!

YEAH is student- friendly software which solves all day to day problems related to learning. It is an ideal blend of Conceptual knowledge, Life applications and Result oriented learning which lets the student enjoy the freedom of learning effectively and scoring high eventually.

We have always aspired to create a responsible and intellectual community for the future. To have this aspiration and succeed at it, it is important to redefine the students' approach towards learning innovatively, at least during the phase before they get into the path of higher education.

YEAH-by Raptor is an innovative product developed to bring a paradigm shift from the old black and white learning to the new and exciting, visually-affluent learning experience for a lifetime remembrance.

How it Works

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Learning made easy with powerful videos, simplified concepts and key ideas for deeper understanding.

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Now start preparing for entrance exams like JEE and NEET simultaneously

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Ensures you to remember the concepts with effective revision tools.

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Evaluate your answers with the help of lakhs of inbuilt offline test series and performance review.

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Subject Uniqueness


For Class 11
Problems & Derivations
NEET based problem analysis with answers and solved solutions.
For Class 12
Problems & Derivations
All problems and important derivations, conveyed in the most interesting manner.


For Class 11
Organic Chemistry
Nomenclature of organic compounds on an interactive platform to understand and properly name the organic compounds.
Physical Chemistry
Virtual laboratory- An Interactive chemistry lab where the student can gain a hands on experience of performing the experiments.
Inorganic Chemistry
Periodic table- provision for practicing electronic configuration.
For Class 12
Chemistry Unveiled
A bonus to remember hard Chemistry Concepts easily.
Problems & Derivations
Splendid Video lectures, making your study time valuable.


For Class 11
Relative Maths
Connectivity of previous concepts studied in early years of math education to the current level.
For Class 12
Visual Maths
Audio Visual support for all problems with appropriate solution steps.


For Class 11
Simply Sketch
Easy step-by-step instructions to understand and draw tough diagrams in biology.
For Class 12
Related clues to remember Important concepts.
Pronunciation Helper
A voice guide, which gets your hard biological terms pronunciations right.
Simply sketch
Tactics to draw tough biology diagrams easily.

Computer Science

For Class 11
Code analysis workspace
Enhance programming abilities with HTML, C and LINUX using the offline virtual practical programming.
For Class 12
More Programs
Hands on practice for every program with a defined output using debugger.